Pakistan’s Fastest Man John Permal Loses the Battle to Cancer


This comes as a saddening news that Pakistan’s Fastest Man Jon Permal loses his battle to pancreatic cancer and passes away yesterday in Karachi. John Permal son Tony Khan has confirmed his father’s death on twitter by stating in affirmative and showing his love for dad.

He tweeted expressing a sentimental message,

John Permal, the fastest man in Pakistan, has passed into eternity with the Lord. His last race has been won. May his soul rest in peace. I love you, Dad. Thank you for you.

Indeed John Permal was a hero and he shall be remembered as one who won national Games achievement as he is fondly remembered by his friend and teammate Mr.Talib as he stated that he believes that there are great names in history when it comes to athletics and his friend shines through.

John Permal was the undisputed fastest human in Pakistan as sprint championship from 1965 to 1974. He first became Pakistan’s fastest man at the 1965 National Games in Lahore, where he finished second. 

John Permal will be missed. We give a tribute to his strength and lifetime of athletic achievement.


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