PM directs embassies to give special treatment to Pakistani diaspora


ISLAMABAD (News Desk) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday directed Pakistani Embassies around the globe to give special treatment to Pakistani diaspora and resolve their problems on priority basis.

Addressing Pakistani Ambassadors through video link on Wednesday, he said there should be complete monitoring of the complaints of overseas Pakistanis. He said embassies must work with the approach to resolve issues being confronted by the Pakistani labourers abroad.

Imran Khan said overseas Pakistanis are our asset and any negligence to serve them is unacceptable. He said we received massive complaints from our labour class working in various countries on the Pakistan Citizen Portal. He said the government will provide all possible assistance to our foreign missions to facilitate our people in different countries.

He also directed ambassadors to focus on bringing Foreign Direct Investment to Pakistan and it must be evaluated that which embassy facilitated how much FDI to Pakistan. He said Pakistani prisoners in foreign jails need special attention and efforts should be made for their release as well.


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