PM releases policy statement on ‘Ehsaas’ Programe


PM Imran Khan on Monday revealed his policy statement on Ehsas program for anti-poverty initiative in the country.

Taking to Twitter, the chief said his ” priority poverty reduction programme with its four focus areas and 115 policy actions will reduce inequality, invest in people, and uplift lagging districts.”

The four columns incorporate tending to world class catch and making the administration framework work to make equity, security nets for impeded sections of the populace, employments and occupations, and human capital advancement,

To sincerely improve access to sustenance, cover, garments, wellbeing and training, unmistakably more than constitutional changes will be required. PM Khan said that after the alteration has been made, any native would almost certainly approach a court and request his or her Fundamental rights.

The head administrator said the program was for the extraordinary poor, jobless, poor farmers, workers, wiped out and undernourished as well as for students from low-salary foundations and for poor ladies and older residents.

He reported the administration will assign an extra measure of Rs80 billion in the nation’s social security spending in reverse regions from the present year, raising it to Rs120 billion in 2021.


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