Police recover widow’s arrears on Prime Minister’s order


Police has recovered the arrears of a widow’s house in Defense, Lahore on the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The woman has expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister for solving her problem.

Talking to Dunya News on Monday, the woman named Ayesha said that her house had already been vacated but the tenant named Imran Asghar had refused to pay the remaining dues.

Ayesha had brought the issue to the attention of Imran Khan on Sunday’s ‘Aap ka Wazeer e Azam, Aap kay saath’ program in which the PM took live phone calls from the public and responded to their queries.

The aggrieved woman has thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan, IG Punjab and Lahore Police for clearing the arrears.

Dr. Shahbaz Gill, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, said that yesterday, a widow had complained to the Prime Minister that her house had been taken over and its rent had not been paid for the last five years.

He said that dues of around Rs 472,000 have now been paid to her, adding that the authorities will investigate the issue further and take action against those responsible.


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