Punjab Assembly passes a resolution to ban celebrities from hosting Ramazan transmissions


A resolution for a restriction on superstars hosting Ramazan transmissions, which had been submitted in the Punjab Assembly a week ago, was collectively agreed upon yesterday.

The Punjab Assembly has mentioned the government to guarantee that TV channels show the most extreme regard for Ramazan in their transmissions and welcome religious scholars to the projects.

The resolution a duplicate of which is accessible with Images, was submitted on April 30 for the benefit of the Pakistan Rah-e-Haq gathering’s parliamentary head Maulana Muhammad Muavia Azam.

It expressed, “Having individuals related with showbiz have Ramazan transmissions is a deplorable practice. Ramazan transmissions are facilitated by individuals who have no association with the positions of Islamic faith This training besets the spirits of a huge number of Muslims consistently.”

The goals incorporated an appeal to PEMRA to uphold the prohibition on celebs featuring Ramazan shows. PEMRA still can’t seem to release an announcement about the issue

Banning Lollywood celebs from hosting Ramzan shows will definitely cut down Ramzan Shows viewership but that’s one way of looking at things, its vital to note that by allowing celebs to feature talk shows in Ramzan who have little to none at all Islamic knowledge on diverse Islamic subjects promotes blunt “fitnah” misconceived religious information to viewers who start believing it true majorly because its a word coming straight out of their star idol’s mouth or probably because of some so-called maulana feeling pressured to agree to their claims/opinions. Banning celebs could be one step forward in spreading genuine information, keeping Ramzan shows actually modest and not about “selling certain fashion styles” and lastly preserving the Ramzan (Pure vibes). Also, the government of Pakistan should ban the attendance of Maulanas from shows that are not verified and original Maulanas.

What do you guys think about this ban?


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