Radio Pakistan Secures First Position in World Radio Contest in Paris


Radio Pakistan has brought amazing privilege for the nation by sharing first position on the planet radio challenge 2019 held in Paris, France.

The contest was organized out by European Radio and Digital Audio Show Paris in a joint effort with UNESCO regarding the world radio day 2019, said a public statement issued on Thursday.

Radio stations from everywhere throughout the world were welcome to partake in the challenge. Radio Pakistan and Children International Youth Reporters Zambia won the first position jointly while Radio Born Mouth University UK got the second position.

The program “Rabtta” delivered and communicated by Radio Pakistan’s Islamabad station on the world radio day theme ” Radio: a vehicle for discourse, resilience and harmony” was introduced in the challenge.  Secretary Information and Broadcasting and Director General Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Shafqat Jalil has saluted the Radio Pakistan Islamabad Station Director Muhammad Fiaz Kiani and the entire creation group on wining the global challenge.

He communicated the certainty that Radio Pakistan experts will keep on working with a similar commitment and soul to improve the picture of the association at national and universal dimension.

The Executive Producer of the prize winning program was Riffat Qayyum while Producers Shahid Afraz Khan, Jarullah and Ali Farooqi were the individuals from the creation group. Amina Saleem Siddiqui was host of the program.


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