Salman Khan’s alternate career for Katrina Kaif is to “get married and produce children”

Salman Khan's alternate career for Katrina Kaif is to
Salman Khan's alternate career for Katrina Kaif is to "get married and produce children"

Salman Khan just doesn’t know when to stop, does he?

During a rapid fire round with Bollywood Hungama – as part of his upcoming film Bharat promotions – Salman Khan said something highly inappropriate AGAIN.

The show’s host asked him, ‘If not an actor what would the following people be?’ and gave him a list of A-listers, one of whom was of Katrina Kaif.

After an awkward pause, in which, mind you, the host also suggested that Kat could be a producer, Salman dropped this gem: “If Katrina Kaif is not actor she should be married and produce children.”


We’re so glad Katrina didn’t shy away from calling him out and cut him off saying, “If I was not an actor what profession would I be, he’s asking. Would I be a doctor, would I be an engineer?”

And the response was a familiar, “How much?”

We get that Salman cannot see a woman’s capabilities beyond getting married and having children – not that that exonerates him from his archaic beliefs – but let’s keep the mansplaining to a zero. Women can decide for themselves whether they want to get married and have children. It’s also quite embarrassing that someone like Salman who has known Kat intimately for years now can’t think of an alternate career for her other than motherhood.

Perhaps his response wouldn’t have been as painful to hear if he had given the same ridiculous answer when speaking of the other actors he was asked about. Like Aamir Khan who Salman thinks “will be very successful in whatever he’d be” and Shah Rukh Khan who he believes “can do anything and be good at it.”

But apparently when it comes to women, he cannot comprehend anything other than marriage and children. For example when he was asked about Alia Bhatt his response was a fast, “I don’t know what she would do.”

A solid word of advice Salman, save face and stop giving interviews.


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