Salman Shahbaz’s employees’ bank accounts used for money laundering, NAB tells LHC


The Lahore High Court (LHC) extended Hamza Shahbaz’s interim bail on Wednesday in three different debasement cases that are being examined by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

A two-judge seat containing Justice Ali Baqar Najafi and Justice Sardar Ahmad Naeem heard the case today. The NAB investigator told the court that the agency had furnished Hamza with justification for arrest just as reports appearing of the request by the authority.

Hamza’s counsel argued that NAB had not given a report by the Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU) and asked the court to arrange the authority to hand the documents over to the candidate. The NAB examiner contended that the FMU report was an arranged record and couldn’t be given to Hamza.

Hamza is being explored for owning assets beyond his known sources of income and asserted defilement in Ramzan Sugar Mills and the Punjab Saaf Pani Company.

The bench directed NAB to inform the court about the foundation regarding the cases of evidence against Hamza. The counter defilement guard dog told the seat that Hamza, just as his sibling Salman and father Shahbaz Sharif, claimed resources too far in the red.

NAB clarified that Salman’s frontmen were engaged in money laundering through bank accounts having a place with Salman’s workers.

The NAB investigator said that Mohammad Mushtaq assumed name Chini, who was the supervisor of Ramzan Sugar Mills and had been offloaded from a PIA flight and captured a month ago, had uncovered that Salman used bank accounts opened in the names of his employes, who were either workers or low-paid laborers. The agency kept up that Hamza profited by the illegal tax avoidance.

In the meantime, Hamza’s advice demanded being furnished with the FMU report, saying that it was the “foundation of the case”.

He fought that NAB did not have the authority to explore money laundering cases. The NAB investigator reacted that the authority was exploring instances of comparable nature, without determining which ones.

Hamza’s guidance said that the MPA couldn’t be captured without magistrate’s authorization. The court deferred the conference until May 28 and extended Hamza’s bail until that date.


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