Slain Afzal Kohistani’s brother booked for killing man

Slain Afzal Kohistani's brother booked for killing man
Slain Afzal Kohistani's brother booked for killing man

A sibling generally Afzal Kohistani, the focal character behind the article of the 2012 Kohistan video embarrassment, was set up for Saturday for his supposed contribution in the homicide of a colleague of Kohistani’s widow.

As indicated by a first data report enrolled against Kohistani’s sibling, Gul Nazar, and another suspect, Gul Shahzada, the previous lethally shot Muhammad Waqar yesterday over doubts that he was involved with Kohistani’s second spouse.

The occurrence occurred in the Byari zone of Battagram’s Allai tehsil in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The complainant, Waqar’s sibling, expressed in the FIR that every one of the three men were heading out to a relative’s home in Allai when the two speculates ceased the vehicle at Janazga and asked Waqar to venture out and settle the contest.

As indicated by the FIR, when Waqar escaped the vehicle, Gul Nazar opened flame on him, executing him on the spot.

Banna Station House Officer (SHO) Naveed Ahmed Khan said Gul Nazar had doubts that his sister-in-law was having an association with Waqar, and that the suspects had ceased the unfortunate casualty’s vehicle and opened flame on him.

The suspects fled after the occurrence, the SHO stated, adding that assaults were continuous to capture the two men. SHO Khan said the person in question and the suspects were individuals from a similar clan.

In the interim, another sibling of Afzal Kohistani, Bin Yasar, denied the claims when reached before sun-up. “How might we slaughter individuals for respect if [we are] battling in the courts against the hazard of respect killings,” he inquired.

He asserted that Waqar’s family was identified with his own, and had even remained their home visitors, so the claim was outside his ability to comprehend.

Afzal Kohistani was shot dead on March 6 of every a thickly populated zone of Abbottabad’s Sarban Chowk at around 8:10pm by unidentified shooters who fled the wrongdoing scene.


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