Sri Lanka Bans Burqa in Country After Easter Attacks


Sri Lanka Bans Burqa after more than 10 blasts hit amid Easter celebration about seven days back. The burqa boycott will assist specialists with catching culprits.

A Sri Lankan member from Parliament has started a total restriction on Burqa in Sri Lanka immediately after Easter assault claims more than 360 lives according to CNN.

MP Ashu Marasinghe that his petition that the Burqa (which Muslim ladies wear to cover their appearances in broad daylight) is being used by numerous male terrorists who cover their face behind it and do a wide range of violent crimes. Ashu Marasinghe further said that the prohibition on Burqa in Sri Lanka is significant as it won’t enable anybody to hide under an article of clothing.

Alaina Teplitz, US ambassador in Sri Lanka on Wednesday said that the kind of bombings occurred at three temples and four hotels show clear inclusion of ISIS.

A couple of days after the fact, the terrorist group  ISIS, has likewise asserted the responsibility regarding the impacts, and before that Sri Lankan authorities had officially accused the two local terrorist group with connections to ISIS.


The question to ruminate on is that will banning burqa actually cease the terroristic up rise? The likes of New Zealand Attackers  as the world calls “white gunman” are any less or any different than men disguised in Burqa? And how can you stop islamophobia when the world needs to fear terrorism of every conceivable and inconceivable form which has nothing whatsoever to do with ISLAM. No terrorist comes with a billboard sign marked on his face, how banning burqa can stop the bombings or present issue.  It is widely claimed that Sri Lanka Attacks were a planned revenge for Notre dame Cathedral destruction in France.

The fire break out on Notre Dame was planned terrorist activity or simply accidental who knows, but the western world is cursed with over imagination or should we say biased judgment that borders on abomination that taints their outlook on the Muslim world.

 Very well, they CAN ban burqa on woman in Sri Lanka but they should tighten their gun laws, immigration policies, security and human rights. These are the reforms that need thoughtful consideration and speedy implementation. Then the balance will strike out fair and clear throughout the country in specific and world in general.


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