Sri Lankan President says ISIS may have a new Terror Strategy targeting smaller countries


Sri Lankan president has said the Easter Sunday assaults which asserted 253 lives might be the onset of another ISIS strategy to target smaller countries outside the West.

President Maithripala Sirisena revealed that ISIS could have started “another strategy” which includes focusing on nations like Sri Lanka rather than significant powers, for example, the US, Germany, France, or the UK.

President Sirisena’s warned that the Easter assaults might be the first of many aimed at smaller states could mirror the reality numerous western states have fixed security in the repercussions of dread assaults on their dirt, making extensive scale plots like the Easter Sunday assault more diligently to complete.

Sri Lankan security authorities had accused the assault on local terrorist bunches Jammiyathul Millathu Ibrahim and National Thowheeth Jamath, yet ISIS have claimed responsibility.

Sirisena said it was “very conceivable” that a foreign actor, for example, ISIS is in charge of the attacks.

Sri Lanka stays on high alert mode and has banned ladies from wearing hijab (head covers). Security powers have likewise cautioned the government they’re anticipating another attack.

In spite of this, Wickremesinghe guaranteed Sri Lanka has eliminated the danger on Monday.

ISIS has also claimed responsibility regarding deadly attacks in Pakistan, Syria, Indonesia, Libya, and Egypt, so the truth will surface eventually if Sirisena’s forecast will be realized.

Ending the Sky News interview, Sirisena urged ISIS: “Leave my country alone.”


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