The Angry Birds Movie 2 Trailer Out! The Wait is over


As the release of movie Angry Birds Movie 2 is around the corner and soon to hit in the cinemas it is no doubt that the entertainment industry and animated movie lovers are ablaze with sensation! Who gets tired of watching the angry birds and piggy’s fighting tooth and nail in a grudge match? NOBODY I guess. This time the enemies have become friends and acting all gooey in adorable friendship as they bond together to protect their islands from a vicious eagle who wants to invade and conquer their land. Believe it or not, the trailer is full-packed action with mysterious edge to it, and although the Birds/Pigs companionship for their self-interest is appearing to be too cute to be true, it sure is seemingly AWWWKWAARD

With the trailer out and release date set for 16th August 2019 be sure to watch out the movie in theaters this year as it will definitely be a star struck movie putting up fire on the screens. We can’t wait for the official release as we count the days to see how these flapping angry birdies/piggy’s super team saves their home.


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