The Gun Van Gough Used to Take His Own Life is going on Auction


  “The most famous weapon in the history of art.”

On July 27, 1890, the painter Vincent Van Gogh shot himself in the chest, which lead to his death two days later. This authentic revolver, “the most famous weapon in the history of art” will be auctioned on June 19 by AuctionArt at the Paris auction house Drouot.

Van Gogh Revolver

The price of this Lefaucheux 7mm is estimated to be worth between 40 000 and 60 000 euros but could exceed more. The legend was facing mental depression at the time and borrowed this gun to kill himself in a field where he was allegedly painting his last work. He couldn’t shoot himself in the heart and the bullet grazed the internal organs however he died two days later on 29th June when doctors failed to remove the bullet. Nowadays, the revolver is sold by innkeepers who were part of the painter’s family and recovered the gun which after it was found in a farmer’s field in 1965. The gun was then exposed to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and analysts deduced it had stayed on the ground for years.


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