The Mystery of Space Mac Burger with Camera


On March 28, a strange burger arrived on the soccer field of Colchester United, in England, pressed in a Styrofoam box with a parachute simply like it was originating from the space. As a component of an investigation, a you Tuber became the first person to dispatch a burger in space and to eat it afterwards and discovered it did not taste good at all!

On his YouTube Channel, Killem who’s genuine name is Tom Stanniland, is driving a wide range of analyses like making the world’s biggest pizza slice. In order to do Killem stuck the Big Mac to a Styrofoam box and put a GoPro camera with a GPS device on it. He at that point joined a weather balloon to it with four canisters of helium. The burger went 24 miles high into space, where temperatures drop to short 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Following a promising dispatch, Killem pursued his burger’s adventure before he lost the signal. The following morning, the signal was back and transmitting from a soccer field.

He grabbed his telephone and called the telephone number he found online, conversing with a staff individual from the Colchester United club who affirmed the burger had been found. The burger or the left of it was strangely found in one piece alongside the camera and the balloon.

Killem then went on his approach to recover his Big Mac which wound up three hours from the place where he grew up Sheffield. Entertained by the activity and the free press, the Twitter record of McDonalds England retweeted the story remarking,

“We always knew the Big Mac was out of this world”

Killen discovered after taking the first bite that McDonalds Burger does not taste as appetizing as before having gone through different temperature, complex chemicals in the air zone it had become quite hard and in chewable. He told TODAY Food.


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