The Pakistani Students are ‘wowing’ in the field of Scientific Technology to help the disabled


The Pakistan students are rocking in science-tech field by inventing innovative products that might create an aplomb in the medical world and recently they have discovered a smart cane called the Blind Man Stick. That sounds pretty fancy and technical, but the stick will help out those who has impaired vision, senile cataract, childhood cataract, night blindness and irreversible eye-sight damage. The stick will assist such people to navigate their walk as the sensors inside the stick will generate a vibration or sound when it comes across any obstacle alerting the person using it to detract or remove the disturbance in the way. The smart stick is foldable and has a rechargeable battery and efforts are made to enable it to connect with a smartphone to make it more advanced.

The Blind Man Stick will facilitate an individual to carry out day to day routine without depending on somebody and the good news is that the startup behind this innovation Ayub Yaqoob Engineering Group ( AYECo ) has decided to create a sample model of this cane that will cost only Rs.7000 for the patients. Now, that is sure sigh-taking, as most people cannot afford the highly expensive electrical medical devices, the market price of Blind Man Stick is relatively affordable for the low-medium income earners.

Earlier in 2017, a Pakistani Student Entrepreneur Neha Chaudhary developed a walking stick “Walk to Beat” for people struggling with Parkinson’s disease. For those who aren’t aware of what this is, it is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the dopamine producing neurons and causes body tremors, walking & speech difficulty and muscle dysfunctioning.

The stick has a sensor which can detect when the user has stopped taking steps or ‘shuffling’ steps and it immediately sends signals to the vibrator in the handle which starts vibrating and releases a vibration and rhythm which helps patients to resume walking. This stick is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and discreet. Currently the stick is being outsourced for production in UK, and it’s not long time coming when it will enter Pakistan Market. 

For those who are blind and suffering from Parkinson’s disease, there is hope now and we should continue to appreciate and motivate all students who aim high to invent cure for the incurable. We sincerely hope that all vicious diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer’s are also found a remedy. Kudos to these young Pakistan mindsets who are trailblazers in product-science tech industry.


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