Top 8 House Plants that Will Boost your Mood and Drive away Blues


Plants are more than just aesthetics and greenery they have holistic health benefits as they purify the air and lift up your mood and spirit plus they are a visual treat to the eyes that automatically revive your cheerful mode. Many people consider indoor plants and patio garden as an added burden of responsibility by watering, cleaning and providing nourishment to them, but the serenity and health benefits of them beats the extra muscle work to nurture them. Having indoor plants may help you reduce the stress level and can make you feel happy. Plants and flowers in your home can also bring positive energy with their pleasant odour.


The plant contains a compound called linalool that is helpful to improve your mood. The compound and the delicious scent of the plant have a positive effect on humans. The plant is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that protect you from several bacteria.


Their rich hue is cheerful as it is, but the mild scent of the geranium plant (which is similar to that of roses) has been thought to promote peace of mind.


This beautiful flower can decrease your anxious feelings through its sweet aroma. But this flower is very expensive and not easily available, so you can use lavender perfumes and scented candles substitute.

Boston Fern

This plant is a great air purifier. It can remove around 1900 toxins per hour from the air. Boston fern is also known as one of the best air filtering plants.


It’s not necessarily about stopping to smell the roses — really, it’s about stopping tosee them. A study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that office workers who looked at roses felt more relaxed and comfortable.


Orchids are gigantically used by Feng Shui specialists to improve the positive vitality in homes. This blossom can be useful in improving air quality and focus. It can likewise lessen your anxiety and make you feel better.

Lilly of the Valley

lilies of the valley on the old boards

Its commonly known as “Motia” in Urdu and people overwhelmingly favored Lily of the Valley as a mood-boosting plant, mostly because they associated the fragrant blooms with happy memories.

Aloe Vera

If you’re after a low maintenance plant for your desk, try this drought resistant succulent. It’s known for its health and beauty benefits too – so there’s more to aloe vera than looking pretty!

Try to put up these plants at your home to feel a whole lot better!

Happy Planting!!


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