Tunisia holds vaccine ‘open day’ against Delta-driven spike


Tunisia on Sunday launched a Covid-19 vaccination drive for the over-40s, after receiving more than six million doses from abroad to combat surging infections.

The health ministry said 551,008 people had been given jabs in more than 300 centres across the country, in what was billed as an “open day” for vaccinations.

Tunisia, in the thick of political and economic crises, has received more than six million doses from Western and Arab countries, and the same number of additional vaccines are on the way, President Kais Saied said on Thursday.

Saied, who last month dismissed the government — in part due to its alleged bungling of the Covid crisis — and suspended parliament, has announced the establishment of a coronavirus crisis unit supervised by a high-level military official.

Tunisian authorities are aiming to get at least one jab into the arms of half the country’s 12 million people by mid-October.


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