Turkish Company Transforms your Childs Doodles into 3D Jewelry & people are Lovin’ it!


“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense” It looks like a Turkish women-led company took to heart the timeless words of Pablo Picasso as she decided to make children artwork into memorable pieces of jewelry for you. As weird as it sounds, it definitely is a bestseller idea in turkey as the market is pretty warmed up to the idea of owning their babies drawing into silver ornaments. Art is subjective and for the keen-eyed, as the idea of letting out your little ones artistry is clearly debatable since the opinions are divided on this. Some people strongly feel encouraging your child to draw nonsense or alien random creatures boosts their creativity making them feel important and enables to trust their ideas even if they seem impossible or downright stupid.

3D Jewelry Idea
3D Jewelry Idea

The idea of transforming child art into jewelry is to make these precious sentiments last forever and even though it might not be something valuable for some parents when they ignore their child’s doodles on a coloring book but for a lot of parents this matter hell a lot. Enough to pay Tasarim Takarim CEO of the company to cash out on the unique idea, and even analyzing critically the business sure has a unique selling point (USP) completely unheard and untried before.

Child Jewelry

The founding women behind this company are both moms. Yasemin Erdin Tavukçu is a painter and a children’s art educator, while Özgür Karavit is a sculptor and goldsmith. These women believe that having your child abstract fun drawing into jewelry is a statement of love and care forged into timeless appeal and interestingly the cartoonish jewelry does look Cute to resist. The sky is the limit, you can have the drawings turned up into a silver sterling ring, pendant, cufflinks, key chains, ear studs or funny bracelets.

A lot of people are loving this idea and embracing it as the new trend what do you guys think about it? No sense is making not only sense nowadays, it’s also making loads of money.

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