Ukraine election: Comedian Zelensky wins the presidency by a landslide


Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has scored a landslide victory in the nation’s presidential election.

With almost all votes included in the run-off vote, Mr. Zelensky had taken over 73% with incumbent Petro Poroshenko trailing far behind on 24%.

“I will never disappoint you,” Mr. Zelensky told praising supporters.

Russia says it needs him to indicate “sound judgment”, “trustworthiness” and “sober-mindedness” with the goal that relations can improve. Russia backs separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Russian PM Dmitriy Medvedev said on Facebook,

He expected Mr Zelensky to “rehash well-known ideological equations” that he utilized in the election campaign including: “I have no illusions on that score.

“In the meantime, there is an opportunity to improve relations with our nation.”

Mr Poroshenko, who admitted defeat after the first exit polls were published, has said he won’t leave governmental issues.

He told voters that Mr Zelensky, 41, was too unpracticed to even consider standing up to Russia viably.

Mr Zelensky, a political learner, is best known for featuring in a humorous TV arrangement Servant of the People, in which his character incidentally winds up Ukrainian president.

He told correspondents he would “reboot” peace talks with the separatists battling Ukrainian powers and volunteers in the east.

“I believe that we will have workforce changes. Regardless we will proceed toward the Minsk [peace] talks and head towards closing a truce,” he said.

There are sporadic engagements and the circumstances stay tense around Crimea, attached from Ukraine by Russia in 2014.


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