Veena Malik is ready to host our very own Pakistan’s got Talent

Veena Malik is ready to host our very own Pakistan's got Talent
Veena Malik is ready to host our very own Pakistan's got Talent

Veena Malik is going to be part of a new reality TV show but this time she will be hosting it.

Veena Malik, who appeared on Bigg Boss in 2010, recently revealed that she is shooting for a new reality show for Bol TV. Speaking to Images, she said, “It’s a reality show where we are hunting for acting, singing, dancing and comedy”.

Looks like our very own Pakistan’s got Talent is on it’s way.

According to the TV host, the show will have Hamza Ali Abbasi, Kubra Khan and Javed Sheikh on board as judges for the talent hunt.

Said Malik, “There aren’t many acting schools and dancing schools in Pakistan but I was pleasantly surprised to see how full of talent Pakistan is. Ninety percent of the candidates have learned it on their own and haven’t been trained professionally.”

About the selection process, Veena Malik explained “There was an audition call first, we got almost 15000 entries from all over Pakistan. We have not made any official announcements yet but I think we’ll go ahead in full swing with the publicity campaign after Eid”.

So far shooting has been “A lot of fun,” as Veena reunites with Javed Sheikh after a decade – their last project being Yeh Dil Aapka hua – and will be working with Hamza Ali Abbasi and Kubra Khan for the first time.

“People keep asking me whether you like doing TV or Film or drama. I haven’t done much dramas in my career because I always love doing either films or reality TV. [Reality TV] is so much fun because it is so spontaneous and nothing isn’t a scripted.”

She also added that they hoped to discover and give a platform to talented individuals through this, “I think through this show some very good talent will come out in terms of singing, comedy, acting and dance”, and she is very happy to be a part of it.

The untitled show will air after Eid.


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