Ways To Look Glamorous and Classy on a Budget and Still Pull Off?


Flip through the pages of any fashion magazine and it most likely won’t be long until you come across a supermodel or celebrity star in an absolutely swoon-worthy outfit. The top, the jeans, the shoes, the jewellery, the accessories — they all blend effortlessly, leaving us commoners with raging closet envy. We keep wishing we had enough money or elegant clothes to make an upcoming event a limelight event where people are forced to take a double-take over you and dream on.

All things considered, fortunately, you don’t need to be super rich to look gaudy expensive. Actually, anybody can appreciate looking a la mode and chic on the ordinary — whats necessary is knowing a couple of subtle strategies. That is the reason I went to the specialists to discover precisely what it takes to look classy on a budget.

Get Your Nails Done

Little things can go a long way and according to fashion and makeup artists it’s not all about clothes that bring out the “First Impression” in fact about 50% of your image building is based on your self-grooming, body demeanor, neat hairdo, personal cleanliness and just your natural vibrancy. By getting nails pampered does not mean visit salons every week to have a fresh manicure or acrylic nails, you can chose to paint nails at home preferably blood red nail polish or French manicure as they are forever trendy. Removing chipped nail polish and reshaping them you automatically look put together.

Well done Nails always catch an eye!

Define your Fashion Statement

The best way to maximize your budget is to create a framework for your style.

Before you go on a shopping spree buying every article left and right and splurging your money its smart to sit down and make a list of item you really want and what defines your personality?

Some people like Bold & Loud fashion with sharp color contrast like maroon gown/Kaftan with olive green strappy sandals or lime handbag. Some like it Simply Elegant with No Frills, that’s classic and understated. They would go for neutral and pastel color flowy dresses not slim tailored with neat hair-knot and pretty pearl studded earrings. Some like hippie style while some like showy sensuous dress up with deep back cuts and trim body line tops.

Always Fill your Wardrobe with Neutrals & Basics

While a pop of color is always fun, Neutrals give off a very chic appearance, so try a pair of boyfriend jeans with a clean white top and camel jacket. Many of these pieces you can find at an array of stores and prices, so you can find pieces that fit your budget. Neutrals are more than just white, tan, brown, and black. Navy, gray, and burgundy are also neutrals. Patterns can be neutral too. Animal prints, pinstripes, and even textures like tweed and croco count.

Always keep one designer party dress in Pure Black with nice hem and sleeve cuts that exude attractiveness and unique confidence. Whenever you are having second doubts about what to wear at a dinner event or birthday/engagement bash just slip on the black dress with a apply mascara, lipstick and cheek tint and you are ready!

Go Creative with Combination

An inexpensive way to look put together is always to look Clean, make sure you have your clothes ironed out, hair done and yes Never forget to Smile. Try different combinations, go a bit gutsy and the best way to keep your outfits fresh is to swap out small pieces or parts. This is why you want staples, and why you should build up a generous collection of accessories such as cardigans, scarves, belts and jewelry that can add flair and a sense of change to your outfits.


Using jewelry to accessorize any outfit instantly dresses it up, making the whole outlook cheerful and some of the Hollywood Celebs Black Lively, Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie. Chunky bracelets or colorful stone ear studs OR hot pink/ geometric handbag with plain white dress. Sometimes breaking up the color scheme with odd choice of ornaments like orange beaded choker or silver dangling ear loops can set off cool and lavish vibes.

Explore Thrift Shops

Staying fashionable doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking to score some big discounts on high-end items, you may want to explore local thrift shops. Even shopping off season clothes is pretty smart as you get stylish and branded clothes on half the price.

Good Heels & Summer Shades

Heels and platforms that are disproportionately high cheapen your look and throw off your balance, both literally and figuratively. You’ll also dumb down your look if your shoes are ill-fitting. Buy medium height stilts that you can walk on easily without tripping and toe peeping heels or closed front pointed stilettoes is your choice completely. Summer shades with round frame or oblong as suitable to the shape of your face in summers when sauntering in sunlight are not just protective but also look glam. Buy some classy shades!

Always wear Red Lipstick or Baby Pink lip gloss on!

The undeniable power of red lipstick as crimson pout shows off boldness, feminism and charisma. It draws attention, looks timelessly classic and It’s a symbol of prowess


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