Why has Lord Nazir Ahmed left the House of Lords?


LONDON (Global Times Pakistan): Member British House of Lords, Lord Nazir Ahmed announced his retirement from the British House of Lords.

While talking to Global Times Pakistan, Lord Nazir Ahmed said that his wife is suffering from Bowel Cancer and he wants to spend time with her. He said that due to bad health of his wife, he was unable to give time to the House of Lords therefore he decided to take retirement.

While answering a question, Lord Nazir Ahmed said that he joined Labour Party in 1976 and served as a Councilor for ten years then he became the Member of House of Lords and during this time he campaigned a lot for the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir and Palestine. He further said that he will Insha’ALLAH keep on raising his voice for the Muslims.

While answering another question about Former Indian Army Officer Major Gaurav Arya’s tweet, Lord Nazir Ahmed said that Major Gaurav Arya will never forget London because I exposed the brutal face of India in King’s College London in 2017.

Lord Nazir Ahmed was the first Muslim who became the member of the House of Lords.


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